Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Smellin' them Roses

For as long as I can remember this whole music thing has been full speed ahead for me and the boys. We've been working very hard to make this dream of ours come true -- playing music to great crowds for a comfortable living -- and more and more it's looking attainable. We're doing this full time and paying the bills, we're playing some amazing shows to crowds that sing the words of our own songs, and we'll be playing soon with one of our idols Ben Harper. Even still, I often feel unsatisfied and am looking forward to the next big show or opportunity. If it isn't clear already from my lyrics this is one of the battles I face everyday is having trouble living in the present. The business side of music is without question a complicated game, but getting wrapped up in all that can kill a musician's creativity. It's not an easy balance especially since we're handling a ton of the business side ourselves, but it is a fun task. As long as we can take the time everyday to appreciate where we've come and how lucky/blessed we are to be here I think we'll be just fine. I could bust my ass and keep my head down all the way until playing sold out shows to 20,000 people but what's the point if it's not felt, understood, and appreciated?? Anyways, speaking of Ben Harper, here's a song that helps me relax and appreciate what's going on around me--even if only for a few minutes...

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  1. Remember The Power of Now, Dan!!! It works for me when I'm having those days...and I thank you guys for that. :)